The New Mexicare Inc. Board of Directors Healthcare Scholarship is provided on a per semester basis.   Funds are allocated at the beginning of each semester and issued either to the student or to the school. 


  • Guadalupe County residency or graduate from Santa Rosa High School / Vaughn High School

  • Must Major in a healthcare field

  • Full-time enrollment (12+ hours) (6+ hours for graduate or post-graduate courses)

  • Minimum cumulative GPA 2.5

Submission Requirements:

  • A typed and signed letter of personal and professional goals (electronic signature acceptable)

  • Official proof of Registration

  • Transcript

Incomplete applications will NOT be considered and denied applicants must wait for the next semester to re-apply.  No exceptions will be made if applications are incomplete.


Scholarships are usually reviewed and awarded at the board meetings on the 4th week of the month in May, August and January.  Applications must be received by the Friday immediately prior to the meeting.  Please contact the hospital to verify the deadline at (575) 472-3417.

Mail-In Application

Fill-out the form below and submit your

  • Application

  • Letter

  • Proof of Registration

  • Transcript

To Guadalupe County Hospital, 117 Camino de Vida, Suite 100, Santa Rosa, NM 88435

Scholarship Application

Online Scholarship Application Submission

Have the following items in electronic format to attach to your application.

  • Proof of Registration

  • Transcript

  • Letter of personal and professional goals.

A valid email is required to complete the online scholarship application.

Online Scholarship Application