Guadalupe County Hospital

Our mission is to provide compassionate and quality care to every patient every time. 

This mission includes providing top-notch healthcare services in a cost-effective manner; promoting staff development and community education; serving as a training site for the rural community; improving the health of the entire county in a measurable manner; and working with community partners in achieving these goals.  

It also means providing award winning, highly personalized and compassionate care to each of our patients. 

Our long term goal is to change the landscape of our community to that of a healthy, educated, and economically thriving population. 

We save lives and keep people healthy!


Guadalupe County Hospital is committed to providing compassionate and quality care to every patient, every time. We save lives and keep people healthy!


Continue to be the leader in rural healthcare innovation.

Core Values

Guadalupe County Hospital recognizes general core values of honesty, integrity, efficiency, quality and compassion.


Christina Campos, Administrator
Frank Tenorio, Assistant Administrator
Mandelyn Cordova, Director of Nurses

Board of Trustees New Mexicare

Keith R. Ross, Chairman
Lee Vega, Vice-Chairman
Yolanda Tenorio, Secretary-Treasurer
Yvette R. Griego, Member
Erasmo Bravo, Member

Board Agendas and Minutes